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What is the relationship between Cyrusher and Lankeleisi

        With the widespread popularity of electric bikes, more and more people are choosing to purchase them as a commuting tool or as a tool for assisting exercise. With E-bikes taking up a larger and larger portion of people's lives, it is vital to spend some time researching new products to purchase. However, the market is full of E-bike brands, and there are so many different brands with similar features and styles, which is difficult for consumers to make a choice when comparing products. For us electric bike manufacturers, comparing our products with those of our competitors will help us improve the quality of our products and ensure that the new products we launch have the best performance and are also more in line with the market demand. And for many buyers, riders, comparing different brands of electric bikes is a way to get the best goods within their budget, have a better sense of experience and get more satisfaction from the E-bike they choose.

       So, in such a huge market, how should buyers and riders compare and analyze similar e-bikes? In order to let you know how to better analyze the differences between similar E-bikes, so that you can spend the less money to choose the most suitable E-bike for your needs, LANKELEISI has selected Cyrusher from the similar brands in the market, taking LANKELEISI RV700 and Cyrusher XF900 as an example, let us analyze the relationship between these two brands for you. We believe that after reading this article, you will know why our products are better.

Comparison of Main Features

LANKELEISI RV750 VS Cyrusher XF900

LANKELEISI RV700                                  Cyrusher XF900



  Cyrusher XF900


48 Volt 16ah

48 Volt 17ah







Top Speed




6061 Aluminum frame and shock spring

6061 Aluminum full suspension frame


CHAOYANG 26 inch*4.0 fat tire

CHAOYANG 26 inch*4.0 fat tire


450 lbs

330 lbs


3 Years

2 Years





       We can see from the table that these two excellent mountain electric bikes are similar in range, frame, tires, and maximum driving speed. Both models can be driven in different terrains and different scenarios, while the LANKELEISI RV700 has a heavier weight. When driving on mountainous and potholed roads, the weight of the LANKELEISI RV700 is enough to make sure the riding stability, and the shock absorbing effect is also better. Coupled with our advanced shock absorber large suspension, riders can also obtain more comfortable riding experience.

       But… Wait! Have you noticed that the price of LANKELEISI is lower when various parameters are basically the same? The warranty is also longer? You may be curious about this, why? Let's expand on it in more detail.


       In the first place, riders might be the first one to pay attention to the price of electric bikes. Who doesn't want to buy the product at the most favorable price when the frame, range, tires, motors, batteries, and other components as well as various parameters are similar? You can see various parameters on the table. For the same model, the price of LANKELEISI RV700 is 300 Euros lower than the price of Cyrusher XF900! Why does LANKELEISI have such a high cost-performance?

       First of all, LANKELEISI has own factory that can respond to production issues and make corresponding adjustments for the very first time, which plays a decisive role in improving product control and ensuring quality. At the same time, the supply chain of LANKELEISI is complete, and we can control the production progress, so as not to overstock goods and provide consumers with the latest products.

       Secondly, we are a supplier of Cyrusher, who orders from our factory, which incurs a large amount of expenses, such as transportation costs, labor costs for merchandisers, salespeople, and so on. This is also why Cyrusher's product prices are always higher than ours.

        Thirdly, LANKELEISI pays attention to product quality. We focus on research and development technology to improve product quality while continuously improving and making progress based on feedback from riders. Rather than pay more for marketing, LANKELEISI’s products can use the best parts at the same price. This is the secret of LANKELEISI's high cost-performance.


       On the premise that various parameters are similar, LANKELEISI provides riders with a three-year warranty period. During these three years, if any parts are damaged, we will replace them free of charge for you. The warranty period is a year longer than that of Cyrusher. This also shows that riders who purchase LANKELEISI's products have better quality assurance and are committed to providing the best after-sales service to you who purchase our products.


         I believe that after reading this article, you have a certain understanding of LANKELEISI and Cyrusher. From the perspective of the prices of these two models, LANKELEISI RV700 is 300 euros lower than Cyrusher XF900. With all parameters consistent, LANKELEISI's more affordable price and better warranty service have already explained everything. In general, the brand LANKELEISI focuses on product quality and price, striving to achieve the best performance while balancing the price of individual parts, and moving towards building itself into an electric confident car that best suits consumer needs.

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