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The Relationship between LANKELEISI and BEZIOR

        Spending hours comparing different e-bikes can be a headache. After all, comparing similar e-bikes, reading reviews, and browsing all the parameters of a bike is often a time-consuming thing, especially when you want to learn more about a product. After spending so much time, we usually want to get a good result, that is, to be able to choose the right electric bike that meets our needs. But how do you know if you're getting a good deal?  

        Regardless of how many electric bikes we have, we should spend time comparing and selecting them. Nowadays, with the development of the Internet, we can draw a lot of information from the Internet. As soon as we enter the desired product in the search bar, thousands of messages will appear. This may seem like a good thing, but there is not much useful information in the results, and we still need to identify it ourselves. Without doubt, this increases the difficulty for consumers to compare and choose electric bikes.

       We hope our readers and customers have enough confidence when choosing e-bike, so we will compare our e-bike with other brands based on facts and various specifications. We believe that after reading this blog, you will know how to make a choice when the e-bike models are similar. Today comparison is between LANKELEISI X3000plus up and Bezior XF200.

Comparison of Main Features

LANKELEISI X3000plus up VS Bezior XF200



LANKELEISI X3000plus up

Bezior XF200


48 Volt 17.5ah

48 Volt 15ah




Top Speed




6061 All-aluminum alloy frame

6061 All-aluminum alloy frame





CHAOYANG 20 inch*4.0 fat tire

CHAOYANG 20 inch*4.0 fat tire

Weight Capacity

400 lbs

440 lbs


3 Years

1 Year




Comparison between Brands(LANKILEISI vs. Bezior

       We can see that these two-excellent e-bikes are similar, with similar specifications such as tires, frames, and motors. Both have excellent CHAOYANG 20-inch tires while also being foldable. The excellent design allows an electric bicycle to travel in the mountains and be more portable for commuting. However, this blog aims to use these two models to provide a deeper analysis of the brand differences between LANKELEISI and Bezior.

Overview of Bezior

       We can see that the XF200 comes with a 1000W motor, a 48V 15Ah battery and 20” x 4” CHAOYANG fat tires. These components are already good for a foldable mountain e-bike. With a discount, the price of XF200 is €1399.99, and the cost-effectiveness of this E-bike is indeed high. In addition, XF200 also comes with a great hydraulic disc brake, double shock absorbers and 1-year warranty. The warranty period is a bit short, which may not be attractive for novice buyers.

       The user base of the brand Bezior tends to lower and mid-price-segment consumers, and in order to attract them, Bezior's pricing is lower. Under the premise of such high cost-effectiveness, quality control may not be satisfactory, which may also be the reason for the short after-sales service period. Nevertheless, Bezior has achieved its best, as evidenced by its high cost-effectiveness.

Overview of LANKELEISI

       From the perspective of specifications, we can see that X3000plus up is equipped with a larger battery capacity of 48V 17.5ah, which means our car has longer range, better performance, and more power when driving on rough roads such as mountains. In addition, X3000plus up is equipped with better shock absorbers. We have upgraded the shock absorbers on the basis of the X3000, which can definitely provide you the better control, traction, and comfort on rugged single lanes or potholes. Not only that, the X3000plus up comes with a larger LED display screen, allowing power display, speed, mileage, battery capacity and gear position to be easily viewed without the need to press a button again, freeing up both hands while riding. The current discounted price of X3000 plus up is €1599, only €200 higher than XF200. But these two hundred euros will give you value for money. Let's dive deep into the reasons from our brand perspective.

       From brand perspective, LANKELEISI has its own factory and supply chain, which can continuously summarize and identify problems, improve defects, provide performance, appearance design, and comfort of e-bike based on customer evaluations, thereby providing customers with better products. And every upgrade and progress enable our brand to attract more high-end customers while producing the products they need.

      LANKELEISI focuses on brand effects. Although we spend an extra €200, better quality and detail control are also our highlights in retaining and attracting customers. Meanwhile, under the premises of similar parameters, LANKELEISI provides a three-year warranty period for riders. If any parts are damaged within these three years, we will replace them for you free of charge. So why buy an electric bike with only a one-year warranty? Our warranty period has been extended three times, supporting our products with practical action and perfect after-sales service which is part of our mission.

       Alright, another comparison between two excellent brands of e-bikes. After reading this blog post, maybe you should have some understanding of these two brands in your mind. In different target user markets, you need to choose LANKELEISI or Bezior by considering your own needs and preferences. Before making a purchase decision, read and compare the product parameters and evaluations, and carefully consider them. Under the premise of reasonable price and similar parameters, would you choose LANKELEISI with better performance, more emphasis on quality, and longer warranty period? I hope the information in the blog post can be useful to you. No matter which electric bike you choose to embark on your next adventure, wish you a happy ride!

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