36V15A large capacity lithium battery

LANKELEISI PARD3.0 configuration 36V (can be customized according to your country’s configuration, send us

an email to tell us), 15AH large-capacity lithium battery. It only takes 5-6 hours to fully charge the

battery. It can run continuously for 50km+ in pure electric mode and 100km+ in power-assisted mode.

Shimano 7 speed

You can switch between different gears according to different road conditions, allowing you to drive on uneven paths and trails relatively easily.

Electric bicycle real-time parameter display

LANKELEISI PARD3.0 is equipped with a real-time LED display, which can provide you with information about the current speed, mileage, and remaining power of your electric bicycle.

400W brushless motor

It is configured with 400W (can be customized according to your country’s configuration, send us an email to tell us) the high-speed rotating motor, the maximum speed can reach 35 km/h, and the climbing ability can reach 30° under normal road conditions. Of course, you can also set the speed limit at will-25 km/h.

Durable frame

LANKELEISI PARD3.0 is made of durable 6061 alum

inum alloy, which is light but durable and has a safe load capacity of 150 kg. You can continue the thrilling ride without having to doubt whether your bike can withstand these harsh conditions!

KENDA 26X1.95 large size tire

Equipped with a 26 x 1.95 inch fat tire, it can effectively increase friction and can cope with any terrain. High-quality anti-skid tires can adapt to wet stones, muddy trails, and beaches.

Aluminum alloy adjustable angle/height handlebar (Swallow handle)

The handlebar of a bicycle like a swallow is more comfortable to ride. It is made of lightweight aluminum alloy, and you can adjust the height of the bicycle at will.


1. Front and rear rainproof version
2. Pump

3. Anti-theft lock
4. Multifunctional tools, etc.


, ,

Grill paint

Electrostatic baking paint


36V15A lithium battery


36V Charger (customized to national standard)

Charging time

5-6 h


Pure electric is 35-60 kilometers, and the power is 60-100 kilometers


36V400W(optional) brushless rear-drive high-speed motor


The 5-gear power controller

Maximum speed


Variable speed level

7 Speed


A 12-point speed-sensing booster

Main line

Waterproof line

Instrument host

LED Smart meter

Tire specifications

KENDA 26X1.95

Material of frame

6061 All-aluminum alloy frame

Avoid shock

Ospring shock absorber front fork


Advanced comfort type large seat bag

bike handles

Aluminum alloy adjustable Angle / height handlebar (Swallow handlebar)

Maximum load bearing



Taiwan ZOOM power-cut mechanical disc brake


Hao League tooth plate

Variable speed refers to dial

Shimano TX50

Rear dial

Shimano TY300

Net weight


Packaging weight


Packaging size



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