Oil brake or wire brake? Lankeleisi can help you do it in one move

We often encounter a tangled point when choosing an electric bicycle, whether to have a fuel brake or a wire brake? Before making a choice, let's understand what is an oil brake and what is a wire brake


Oil brake

A brake control system, by hydraulic disc brake, hydraulic transmission brake

Its structure is simple and the installation space is small, which is one of the reasons why many users choose it

It reacts slightly slower, but brakes are gentle and hard. Very friendly for people who are used to fast riding. It can play a strong buffering role


Line brake

Also known as mechanical disc brakes, brakes are controlled by external force (usually with the help of a wire).

It feels stiffer and the strength is not small

The difference between the two is that the oil brake brakes are better, but they are more troublesome to maintain. Line brakes are more suitable for people who travel simply.

But there will always be people who want a more perfect e-bike, Lankeleisi to help you solve it!

Lankeleisi wire brakes are made of steel wire, which is robust and wear-resistant.

Not only that, if you don't want to spend a lot of money to modify the brakes equipment.Lankeleisi offers its customers special oil brake equipment.

Lightweight and cool-looking.

Do you think this is the end of it? No, Lankeleisi has more to come to you.

In fact, for the vast majority of office workers, the most important thing to choose an electric bicycle is to see whether it is convenient to carry and its comfort.Then according to these two conditions, we can list a screening table to choose an electric bicycle that meets the requirements.

Comfort level

We can choose according to body parameters (body length, shoulder width, arm length, leg length), here we need to pay attention to different models, and the choice size is not the same.

For example,

mountain bikes: 145cm-185cm tall, recommended wheel diameter size of 26"

As for the riser size, based on 145cm, as the height increases by 23cm, the size also increases by 2" from 15"

To choose according to the desired wheel diameter For example,

if you want to choose a wheel diameter size of 27.5" (anyone of any height)

So about the choice of riser size, the height is 150-190cm, based on 150cm, as the height increases by three cm, the riser size is increased by 1 on the basis of 15"

In addition, there are parameters that need to be compared to crank length and handle length. It sounds cumbersome and daunting, and if you don't pay attention, you can make a measurement mistake and miss the bike that matches you best. So in order to better solve this trouble, Lankeleisi electric bicycle will choose the most suitable electric bicycle for you. Lankeleisi has always been committed to serving its customers in the best possible way


For some e-bike enthusiasts, mountain bikes may be preferred. Mountain bikes will provide a greater sense of security, it is closer to the "instinct" of normal sitting posture, the line of sight is level, and the waist does not have to lie down too much to cause spinal pain

Carrying problems

Folding bikes are undoubtedly the best choice, taking up no space and saving time and effort

As for saving effort, of course, the lighter the better. You know, if the body is too heavy, it will be very troublesome to carry, which runs counter to our original appeal - convenience - . So the bodywork must be light.The handlebars as part of the bodywork,Lankeleisi's handlebars are made of aluminum alloy, making them strong and lightweight


About the choice of tires

The larger the ravine, the greater the anti-skid performance of the

whole vehicle

Lankeleisi uses a unique pattern groove in this regard, which is precisely guided.

Precise orientation.Stable driving

Perfect for mountain, road, dirt road and other conditions. While suspension, the sportiness is continuously amplified, so that you can easily enjoy the fun of riding

And in terms of shock absorption, Lankeleisi has an excellent design. Aluminum shoulder lock type oil-spring suspension fork

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