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Upgrade Your Ride with LANKELEISI X3000MAX

In caused of satisfying the needs of those who want to explore the outdoors in a happier and more environmentally friendly way, or commuters who are tired of commuting to work and want to change their commuting methods, LANKELEISI has exclusively launched this new model, the X3000MAX. Making overall improvements and upgrades on the best-selling X3000PLUS-UP, LANKELEISI X3000MAX is a mountain electric bike with better endurance, stronger power, faster speed and a more fashionable...

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Oil brake or wire brake? Lankeleisi can help you do it in one move

We often encounter a tangled point when choosing an electric bicycle, whether to have a fuel brake or a wire brake? Before making a choice, let's understand what is an oil brake and what is a wire brake   Oil brake A brake control system, by hydraulic disc brake, hydraulic transmission brake Its structure is simple and the installation space is small, which is one of the reasons why many...

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The Relationship between LANKELEISI and BEZIOR

        Spending hours comparing different e-bikes can be a headache. After all, comparing similar e-bikes, reading reviews, and browsing all the parameters of a bike is often a time-consuming thing, especially when you want to learn more about a product. After spending so much time, we usually want to get a good result, that is, to be able to choose the right electric bike that meets our needs. But...

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What is the relationship between Cyrusher and Lankeleisi

        With the widespread popularity of electric bikes, more and more people are choosing to purchase them as a commuting tool or as a tool for assisting exercise. With E-bikes taking up a larger and larger portion of people's lives, it is vital to spend some time researching new products to purchase. However, the market is full of E-bike brands, and there are so many different brands...

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