LANKELEISI X2000 Plus folding electric bike

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All accessories are only available for replacement on lankeleisi bikes. Other brands of bikes are not supported.
❗ MG600 accessories are not sold at this time.

Shipping Time: Ordinary parts are expected to arrive within 15 days. Batteries, motors, front and rear wheelsets or other large accessories are expected to take 25-30days to arrive.

If in question about the time of receipt of the parcel, please contact us. 📧

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Customer Reviews

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Dušan Bačko
Lankenleysi x2000plus

A decent ebike for the given price.I don't miss the rear suspension there at all.The front fork is a little softer, it would like a better quality one.
The battery is a little bumpy in the frame. But it can be easily solved by backing it up.The performance of the e-bike is fully sufficient. I reached 48 km/h on the 5th level by pedaling.Smaller minus daysland brakes, they creak a bit, it will probably be necessary to run them, if other discs need to be replaced.So far he has tested some 80 km on it, but you can quickly get used to it, in the sale for which he bought it, it is a very good machine for the price of 800e.We'll see in the future, but I plan to buy an rv700

Miroslav Pavelka

very pleasant feeling of riding a bicycle. Good performance, excellent brakes. Good suspension. Excellent price-performance ratio

Lankeleisi X2000 Plus

Perfect ebike for this money! Is ideal for terrain in forest roads or mountains, mud or snow... I recommend it to every adventurer!


I've been having a lot of fun with this bike. I have just a small amount of experience working with bikes, and I thought this one was pretty easy to set up. It seems to handle rides on city streets, bike paths, and groomed trails quite well, but I wouldn't risk it on anything too gnarly. The battery capacity offers plenty of range for zipping around the city, and the motor has impressive push as the power comes on. Riding this bike makes hills and strong headwinds as fun as the rest of the experience.

Katia T.

I'm so happy so far, charging batt. I was skeptical when I purchased it. Glad I bought it now. I'm celebrating, it's great.