【Pre-vendita】LANKELEISI X2000 MAX Bicicletta Elettrica a Doppio Motore da 2000W (Nuovi Arrivi)

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Dual Motor

48V 20Ah

Samsung Battery


Max speed tested

70-130 KM

Per Charge


Payload Capacity


Applicable height

2000W Dual Brushless Motor

Lankeleisi X2000Max is equipped with front and rear 1000W dual brushless motors, the maximum torque of the motors is 95nm, to achieve a shorter time to increase ebike speed. The front and rear dual motors are designed to help you easily climb up 40° hills for all-terrain off-roading.


Max Torque


Climbing Angle

48V 20Ah SAMSUNG Li-ion Battery

Lankeleisi X2000Max is equipped with a 960Wh high-capacity Samsung lithium battery composed using 21700 cells, which offers higher performance, safety, durability and longer range than traditional lithium batteries. With the help of the high-performance battery, pedal-assisted riding can achieve a range of up to 130KM, and pure electric riding can be 70KM.

70~130 KM(43~80 Mi)

Per Charge


Total Battery Capacity

48V 3A


5-6 hours

Fully Charged

Front Fork Suspension

The Lankeleisi X2000Max's aluminium alloy oil spring lockable fork suspension upgrades durability, sensitivity and with the lockable feature provides adjustability to enhance overall comfort and control in your ride.


Fork Travel

Adjustable Forks


LCD Color Display

Colour Backlight Display to keep track of speed, mileage, power and more.

Battery level display

Battery Capacity

Total Ride Mileage


Pedal-Assist Level

Pedal assistance power


Display current speed, maximum speed and average speed

Waterproof Level


Front and rear drive switching

Switch motor power output, single or dual motor

Other Highlights

Experience seamless and precise gear transitions with SHIMANO 7 Speed gear shift system, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for every riding scenario.
Enjoy superior stopping power and precise control with hydraulic brakes, providing reliable performance and safety in various riding conditions.
The half twist throttle allows you to easily and precisely control the speed of your ebike and experience a seamless accelerated ride.
The 48V LED headlight and tail light ensure rider safety in low light conditions or at night, allowing you to see and be seen and ride safely.
Enhances rider visibility at night and in low visibility conditions, warns other road users and directs the movement of riders to ensure safe riding at night.
20*4.0 FAT TIRE
The chaoyang 20*4.0 inch fat tyre enhances grip and traction on rough roads. It ensures a safe and smooth ride in challenging terrain and weather conditions.
Upgrade your e-bike experience with our ergonomic saddle for unparalleled comfort on every ride.
Bring your furry friend or child along for the ride!
Foldable e-bikes bring unrivalled convenience and versatility, providing compact storage and easy transport for city commutes, outdoor adventures and more.

X2000max Parameters

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Great Bike!

After 250 km and several charges, I feel comfortable to share my (early) impressions:

Packaging was great, unboxing with care, assembling without any issues. My first impression held up: this is a very well crafted bike, high qualitity and I love the power of it, especially the dual motor mode — just today, my wife (ca. 60kg) sat on the back an I (196cm, 87kg) drove her up the valley to a nice spot at the river. There is a steep ramp at the beginning, and the bike just didn´t care, awesome!

I bought it also for transportation purposes (a custum built trailer) and therefor I hoped it woult be strong enough and have enough range. Yesterday I drove about 45 km with really steep hills and had three bars left of battery. Of course, the pure dual electric mode can drain the battery quite fast, but with pedal assist 2 oder 3 max you get a very nice ride of 26-32km/h.

Breaks are also great, and I love the tires, wich are sticking to the road and make me feel safe. The comfort of the thickness of the tires is unique, you can ride almost any road with them.

Only the display leaves some space for additional information. There is no info about time, percentage or current shown, and no specific information on charing state. This is very basic.

All in all a great bike, customer support seems to respond quickly also, and the quality seem really great. You can get similar bikes cheaper, but for me it felt better to go with better quality. The bike for me is a great compromise between range, power and weight. It is very solid, behaves solid yet you can drive it home in case the battery runs out. Thank you, lankeleisi for this great bike!!

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Kazimierz Mrówka
Bardzo dobry rower

Wspaniały rower jego parametry i osiągi są doskonałe.
Naprawdę warto kupić ten rower i do tego funkcja szybkiego składania jest super.

Thank you for sharing. We invite you to join our Facebook group and enjoy the ride with other customers. https://www.facebook.com/groups/lankeleisibikes/